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History and Experience

1980 – 1988 - Argentina

A number of projects were developed in Argentina in the specific field of structural engineering working mainly with reinforced concrete and metallic structures.

Some of the main projects were apartment buildings (up to 10 stories), schools, churches, sports complexes, public buildings such as telephone and postal services, to mention a few.

Most of such projects were seismic-resistant structures because of their location in seismic areas.

1988 – Present – Unites States

Through the years, our work can be mainly categorized in two different great areas:

1) New projects.

New projects allow us to work on developing our system and methods from the ground up to roof going through all different phases of the structural design.
This part is well explained in the previous paragraph “Structural Design”.

2) Existing projects.

This section describes how we treat existing buildings and their needs. Regarding this point it is worth mentioning that this is a field that is becoming more important in these days.
Those mentioned projects that are remodeled, updated and/or reinforced to comply with the Code standards, whether it be for winds and/or earthquakes.

This is a very broad field in which a varied and important amount of elements to consider are involved to make the best possible assessment of existing structures.
From this starting point, our team of professionals and technicians work in molding and developing structures, giving priority to our objectives based on the following premises:

a) Team work with the owner and/or its representatives, architect, contractor and/or specialized personnel.

b) Scheduling and execution times are a permanent priority to try to accomplish maximum effectiveness.

c) Costs are always a high-priority item that is totally related to the previous paragraph in each stage.

d) Our Consulting Department could include upon request and as part of our services, a follow-up or audit of the works that is actually a technical supervision that is also necessary due to the permanent progress of the work while the different structural components are being exposed and/or discovered.
Regarding this point it is worth mentioning that a huge progress has been made in matters of technology.

Our company has “concrete scanners”, which allows us to anticipate with much greater certainty the existing structures regarding the size of columns, beams, slabs and foundations. At the same time, the steel bar reinforcements are being read as well as their location in the concrete and if they have any rustiness.
This is often another additional challenge that may be caused by "external chemical factors" such as water, salt, etc.

3) Structural design for existing structures

Going back to the previous point, the efficiency of those scanners allows us to approach the structural design and calculation with greater precision.
Assumptions are eliminated and, as mentioned before, more exact information is used that is transformed into direct savings of costs which is explained as follows: when existing structures are assessed and analyzed, as structural engineers, and with more traditional methods which comprised elements that were largely unknown.
The obvious tendency, which can be seen in numerous works, is to oversize the structural components, which directly affects construction timeframes and cost, two components that go hand-in-hand and have a great impact.

Our calculation method is based on having the existing structure (provided it is in acceptable condition) and using it as our basis for calculation. The deficiencies for each calculation component are then analyzed and are typically complemented with a light steel frame structure that is parallel and attached to the existing structure.
This is a generally light structure that is connected to what already exists.
In coordination with able work personnel, the installation time can be optimized and reduced to a minimum, which is very necessary when trying to keep those places functioning almost to their maximum potential.

Photos are attached to give a better idea and illustrate everything that has been explained.

Also attached is a list of the main works carried out by Silvestre Engineering.

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