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Information about the Founder

Daniel Silvestre was born in Cordoba, Argentina and graduated in 1981 from the National University of Cordoba with the Degree of Construction and Structural Engineering.
In 1983 and 1985 he participated in the Specialization Seminars of Earthquake Resistant Structures.
Daniel and his family moved to Orlando, Florida in 1988, where they have lived since.
He obtained an equivalence and competence degree in two first class national institutions on education and competence titled:
- World Education Center in New York, September 1989
- International Education Research Foundation in Los Angeles California, June 1990

He worked for leading companies in metallic and wood structures for 10 years.
On those companies, clients were offered a complete package including engineering consulting services as well as the manufacturing and installation of such structures.

In 1998 he opened his own highly specialized company in structural design for new construction as well as structural repairs on existing buildings.
He participated in Seminars and Courses on wind-resistant structures, mainly for hurricanes and tornados.

He participated in the original calculations and designs of the construction of a model at a 0.5 to 1 scale that was finally tested in the wind tunnel of the University of Texas and which allowed the analysis of the behavior of all structural components when facing wind or the strongest horizontal forces.

He also participated in many of the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), seminars and courses to evaluate the damages caused by Hurricane Andrew in South Miami back in 1992 as well as some other devastating storm after that. The results of those seminars originated changes and updates in the Florida Building Code throughout the years.

The Organization

This company was created to work closely with its clients, with permanent interaction to achieve the best results. The idea is to assign the best possible team work to each project based on its nature.
This organization works in engineering consulting projects, using the highest technology available for structural calculation and design.
We can also create a joint venture type of company by hiring local hand labor in each of the regions in which such projects are developed.
As part of our services, we can include a follow-up of the design works developed, which translates into a supervision or technical audit of the work during construction.
This is the best formula to ensure that the final product is equal to or better than expected during the design stage.

What set us apart:

+ We have qualified personnel in each of the required specialties for the execution of successful projects.

+ We adapt to your needs to develop projects from their inception until we reach the target objectives.

+ We implement strategic planning systems to guarantee that your project will be executed within the agreed schedule and budget.

Structural Design:

The exercise of structural design, independently from the application area, requires the fulfillment of three critical factors, to wit: knowledge, creativity and quality; together, these elements guarantee the consistency and integrity of the design, reducing the risk of errors or technical flaws and claims during execution.
Daniel Silvestre, with the use of specific design techniques and software for each application area, guarantees the fulfillment of the three aforementioned fundamental aspects.

Those techniques or methods, embrace all the different phases and calculations:
Vertical Loading, Overturning, Lateral Forces, Wind Load Forces and Uplift, Deflection, Rigid Porticos, Positive and Negative Moments, Shear Forces and Diaphragms, Foundation Systems, etc.
Once calculations are finished, we normally produce a set of “Structural Plans” drawn in Autocad.

Engineering Field Supervision:

Upon request and as previously mentioned, our firm believes in this aspect which ensures the best possible quality of our services and objectives.
The joint application of construction techniques and the quality control process broadly guarantee the quality of work of Daniel Silvestre and his company.
The supervision of projects and the permanent interaction between our firm and the architect, builder and owner and/or its representatives, is the most effective tool to ensure the success of our common goals.

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